Targeted Approach, LLC has been awarded a task order on the LP IDIQ to support the Logistics Training & Education (LPV-1) Section. The United States Marine Corps (USMC), Deputy Commandant for Installations & Logistics (DC I&L) has identified the need for a specialized, responsive, and well-integrated training and education mechanism to increase its capacity for (and quality of) logistics knowledge-sharing, organizational learning, training, data management, and analysis.  A modernized Logistics Training & Education program will promote critical and creative thinking in problem solving across the five Domains of Warfare (Land, Sea, Air, Space, and Information; including factors of perception and time).  The goal is to modernize the logistics education and training curricula to ensure development of Marines with the agility and perspectives to manage uncertainty, think critically, and solve complex problems regardless of the operating environment.

Targeted Approach will be providing technical and administrative services in support of the combined I&L (LPV Branch), TECOM (LCE, Ground Standards Branch), and MCLOG Syllabus Project.  Task areas include providing program management support, policy development, training development, training resource development, and implementation support.  The overall objective of this support is to establish the foundational blueprint for standardization of a professional development syllabus that can be applied to the entire Marine Corps Logistics workforce; covering officer, enlisted, and civilian demographics.  The intent of this initial syllabus is to provide commanders with better resources to train, educate, and evaluate a qualified billet holder.  The syllabus will be used to establish a Service-level minimum standard, and also provide leaders and Marines with a resource to support managed on-the-job training, sustainment, and skills progression training.  It will provide a career roadmap outlining progressive learning targets along a developmental continuum for improving individual key billet proficiency, assisting in reintegration to the occupational field post B-billet, and enabling career progression. The syllabus will complement and support the Training & Education (T&E) continuum for essential billets.